If you would like to book an At-Call Household CleanUp Collection
please complete the form below or call : 9952 8222.

CleanUp Date Required
Contact Name
Street Address
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Phone No
Waste Type
Please read and confirm the following terms and conditions.
I confirm I will place items on the nature strip no earlier than 1 day before my booked collection date.Material placed outside of this timeframe may be deemed an illegal dumping site and subject to penalties.
I confirm I will place items for collection neatly on the nature strip to ensure no items will fall onto the road or footpath.
I confirm that the volume of materials to be collected will not exceed the size restriction of 1.5 cubic metres.
I confirm that small loose items will be boxed, bagged or contained to prevent litter.
I confirm that all garden organics will be bundled and tied.
I confirm I will NOT place any of the following items out for CleanUp:
  • Items longer than 2 metres and items that cannot be safely moved by 2 people
  • TVs and computers
  • Hazardous materials such as: paint, chemicals, solvents, batteries, oils,
    gas bottles, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Mirrors and glass items such as windows and shower screens
  • Car parts, car bodies, engine blocks or tyres
  • Decaying matter and general household garbage
  • Trade waste including liquid or business waste
  • Building waste including:
      - Fibro / plaster board / insulation bats
      - Dirt / sand / stones / bricks / concrete
      - Commercial / trade quantities of building and demolition material
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